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VIP Sailing tour from Cala Ratjada to Natural Park
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Experience new sensations at sea and discover the beauty of the natural park in the North-East of Majorca while enjoying the tranquility that only a sailboat can offer in the waters of the Mediterranean.The sailing trip starts from Cala Ratjada. This location is located in the North of Majorca and the itinerary is designed to allow all participants to travel along countless coves in the Capdepera and Arta area while cruising and experiencing a new perspective on this island.After departing from the port of Cala Ratjadas, this sailing trip in Mallorca starts towards the natural park and the peninsula "Cap de Freu". After exploring hidden landscapes, the unspoiled coastline, clean white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, the captain guides the participants to his favorite anchorage to allow the participants to swim while lunch with meat, fish, pasta and fruit gets prepared. Drinks such as soft drinks, beer, sangria, white wine, sparkling wine and coffee are included in the price.

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